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Employment Ideality 
Climb Pay attention to the candidate's character and ability.The candidates should have the professional ability and pioneering spirit, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, to adapt to the fast-paced, high-intensity work, with modern management consciousness and good management ability, advocate team spirit. 
The company will use the modern enterprise management concept and advanced mechanism of enterprise management, the company and the employee to seek common development, as important as the enterprise success and the success of the company, the company will strive to provide sufficient space for the realization of self value and the stage of the sustainable development of every person to join. 

Salary  System 
For all employees to provide old-age pension, unemployment, medical, work injury and maternity insurance of the five categories, and pay housing provident fund.Companies pay attention to human care, with a variety of incentive awards.Such as: project bonus, year-end bonus, excellent employee award, etc.. Every holiday or special anniversary, the distribution of a variety of gifts, including the issuance of female employees maternity gifts and so on. 
In addition to providing employees with occupational health examination. Companies concerned about the lives of employees, often organized various activities. Such as literary and artistic activities, sports, parties, dinner or travel.