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Company equipped with HPLC, GC,Rapid purification preparation chromatograph, Uv-vis spectrophotometer ,Osmotic pressure meter, Karl-fischer moisture meter,Polarimeter, Melting point apparatus, Dissolution tester, Durometer,Brittle broken tester, etc. It can undertake a variety of development at the same time. And park equipped with NMR,High performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry,High pressure liquid chromatography,Gas chromatography mass spectrometry. Ultra high performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry instrument.Freeze drying machine, refrigerated centrifuge, spray dryer, autoclave, ultra low temperature refrigerator. In August of 2016,our company is equipped with Agilent distributed network edition workstation as per requirement of New drug’s R&D. It can keep the authenticity, integrality and reliability of the data. In addition,we build a set of quality management system, and strictly execute as per national requirement of drug’s development.

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